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P and G offers the ultimate in quality and customization and unique to the industry, an incredible five-year warranty against damage.


Incredible Fit

A custom canvas must fit properly to provide maximum protection. A loose-fitting canvas will not only allow moisture to infiltrate the cover, but it invites other problems such as small animals and nesting creatures.

A proper-fitting canvas prevents any uninvited guests from taking up residence in your property.

Designed To Last

P and G covers will outlast covers from any other manufacturer. That is a fact.

Details such as threads used, stitching, and of course, proper design and fit enable our covers to be guaranteed for an unheard-of five years in any environment.

Designed To Beautify

You take pride in your property - be it a boat, car, or outdoor deck furniture. You've invested a lot into it, so why should your cover be held to a lesser standard?

P and G covers are custom-made for each specific application, right down to every grommet and stitch. Quite simply, your cover fits like a glove.

Design Philosophy

We create protective and stylish covers that fully compliment anything they are there to protect.


Both stylish and protective, P and G covers will fit your car, boat, ATV, or just about anything with the absolute highest degree of quality that is designed to withstand many years of the elements.

P and G covers are the absolute highest quality, best-fitting, and most durable cover you can buy today. In business over thirty years, we have made custom covers for over 6000 clients worldwide. We do not simply make covers - we understand how important protection is to you.

We make covers for everything - from million-dollar boats to barbecue grills. And each and every one of those covers is made with the unmistakable quality that P and G is known for.

Experienced for any task, large or small

Unequaled in design, durability, and fit.

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