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Looks And Fits As Great As It Protects

Your boat is an investment, and a quite costly one.  It might be an investment in your family’s fun, a racing career, or your livelihood.  In every case, you want your boat to last, and that begins with protecting it.  There are three elements that make a good cover – proper fit, materials made to withstand the elements year after year, and the features you may not see such as how the cover is stitched and constructed.  You want your cover to not only fit well and do its job, but it needs to perform this task year after year… after year.   A P and G cover will exceed those specifications.

A properly-fitted cover will be taught and firm, yet easy to install and remove.  Proper fit is crucial for maximum protection, and while other covers will cut corners (quite literally) on their designs to produce a cover as quickly as possible, with a P and G cover, every detail on your boat is taken into account of your cover’s design.  There are no gaps, and your cover is designed to withstand extremely harsh weather while protecting your boat underneath. 

Ask any other canvas shop how long their covers are designed to last.  Then call us.  We not only do we claim to make the very best cover, we back it up with tens of thousands of happy customers.