Hard Tops, Campers and Bimini Enclosures


Can A Cover Make Your Boat More Enjoyable?

Answer: Very much so!  You invested a lot of money into your boat and extending its utility and enjoyment while providing the very best protection available would absolutely maximize the fun you and your family have on the water.

Summertime not only brings occasional rain storms, but it also brings something else we are all familiar with – green flies.  Imagine a fully-enclosed deck where you are protected from the weather and all insects.  A durable enclosure that will easily withstand any degree of inclement weather, yet beautify your boat at the same time.

Only a P and G cover can factually make these claims.  And only a P and G cover has the well-known reputation of unequaled fit and durability.

Wouldn’t you want to make the most out of your boat this season?